Helpers & Heroes press conference

Oct. 21, 2019 / Embed

Learn more about the challenges facing our fire and EMS delivery system and its personnel - and what the #PAHouse is doing to help.

Fiscal Summit: Economic Growth Strategies & Managing Non-Recurring Revenue/Rainy-Day Fun

Aug. 22, 2019 / Embed

Representative Grove chairs the Summer Summit on Fiscal and Economic Policy at York College on August 22, 2019.

Policy Committee Central PA Business Tour

Aug. 22, 2019 / Embed

The Pennsylvania House Republican Policy Committee tours Central Pa's communities to listen to and act upon their concerns.

Fiscal Summit: Legislative Oversight

Aug. 22, 2019 / Embed

Rep. Grove chairs an informational meeting concerning Legislative Oversight.

Fiscal & Economic Summit: Improving State Budgeting Practices

Aug. 22, 2019 / Embed

State Rep. Seth Grove chairs a summit meeting to discuss explorative means to better budgeting.

Fiscal & Economic Summit: Pension and OPED

Aug. 22, 2019 / Embed

State Rep. Seth Grove chairs a summit meeting concerning pension and OPED reforms.

Workforce Development Tour at Hollabaugh Bros. Farm & Fruit Market

Aug. 21, 2019 / Embed

Member of the Pa. House Republican Policy Committee, State Rep. Barb Gleim tours a farm and fruit market in Biglerville. Hollabaugh's grows all kinds of fruits and vegetables and is located just 10 minutes from Historic Gettysburg, PA.

State Budget Plan Passes PA House

Jun. 25, 2019 / Embed

Rep.Barb Gleim comments on the 2019-20 Pennsylvania state budget proposal after it passed in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The budget plan includes no new taxes, historic levels of funding for education, and saves for the future.

Gleim Visits Tuckey Company

Apr. 12, 2019 / Embed

During her Work Force Development Tour, Pa. State Rep. Barb Gleim tours Tuckey Metal Fabricators in Carlisle, Pa. Tuckey Company is a full-service sheet metal fabrication company.

Rep. Gleim's Carlisle Construction Materials

Apr. 11, 2019 / Embed

Pa. State Rep. Barb Gleim visits the Carlisle Construction Materials and training facility in Carlisle, Pa. The facility offers dozens of in-person and online training programs.